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Jul. 2nd, 2013 04:20 pm
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Application in comments, for space economization/section up-dividing/other such things.

Out Of Character Information

In Character Information
In Character Information I - World Information (Name, Age, Birthday, Arcanum, World Snapshot)
In Character Information II - Story Information (Backstory & Canon Standing)
In Character Information III - Personality
In Character Information IV - What Comes With Him (Canon Powers, Weapons/Items, Allies, Baggage)


Writing Sample

Apologies for two things: One, I know I'm long-winded and not always in the most coherent manner. And two, yes, he and his Persona are named after the same guy. I used the Italian name for the Persona to make it harder to mix them up. But if characters in the actual games can do it (cough Maya cough), so can he :P
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