Jul. 4th, 2013

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This is Maugris's HMD post! Am I vampiring wrong? Please tell me so! This is the place to go if you have thoughts/criticisms/whatever on how I play him.

For future reference, this is for Landen Heath, also known as Maugris (in fact, usually known as Maugris). He's an OC based loosely in the old version of White Wolf's World of Darkness universe, and more specifically the character I played in the LARP at UIUC. So he owes a lot to the lovely STs and players there (in fact, his Thaum path is a custom one created by one of the other players in that LARP). This journal is maintained by [personal profile] matthias_wave, and he's currently being played in [community profile] destinystrings.

Anonymous comments are allowed, all comments are screened. Alternatively, hit me up on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] matthiaswave if you want to talk to me there instead.

IC Inbox

Jul. 4th, 2013 01:20 am
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You've reached Maugris, or at least his phone. I can't pick up at the moment, probably because I'm asleep, busy, or don't have reception. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. In an emergency, use the network - if you still can't raise me there, you'll probably find someone else to help.
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▼ Maugris (Landen Heath) [ OC ]
Birthday: May 30th
Astrology Sign: Gemini
Soul Arcana: Strength
Unlucky Arcana: The Chariot , The High Priestess, Death & The Sun
String Color: [#00AAFF]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Trying to hang on to his humanity; wants to be a nice guy and a good person despite everything life can throw at him. Rebel, but with a strong sense of duty. Snarky when he's happy, often angry when he's not. Protective of friends.

▼ Visual
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Maugris can read auras. This essentially boils down to him being able, if he bothers, to read one of the following at a time:

- Your emotional state
- Whether or not you're lying. Exact words, so it doesn't pick up lies of omission or talking around points, and doesn't work if you believe what you're saying is true.
- Your creature type - for instance if you're a human, a vampire, whatever, and whether you happen to be magic. Granted, if he hasn't seen one of what you are before, all he knows is that you're something he hasn't seen. He can currently recognize: humans, vampires, werewolves, fae, demons, ghosts.

If you have a very strong force of will, your aura is harder for him to read.

So this is a permission post for Maugris's aura reading! If you don't want him discerning lies or emotions or figuring out what your character is (or at least whether they're what they look like), please do be saying so!

EDIT: Probably should have mentioned this before - aura reading only works in person. Maugris can't read auras over a video chat, any more than he can read someone's aura off a photograph.


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